S-O-C-I-A-L; One of the most bizarre words in the corporate world today.

  • ‘I’ll be busy this afternoon, let’s have the lunch on some other day.’
  • ‘I am really sorry, I was so screwed up in my hectic schedule that your birthday totally skipped my mind’
  • ‘ *The called subscriber is busy, please call after some time* ‘
  • ‘ Send the driver to pick up the kids. I have a meeting to catch up’
  • ‘ This is the only day I get an off in a week, please don’t bother me’
  • ‘Don’t be such ignorant honey! It’s your brother’s marriage. Give some decisions, some effort to it.- Don’t be silly dear. he is a grown up now, he can decide what color of the dress he wants, what should be the menu and all. In fact, I have bigger issues to settle this week in the office. ‘
  • ‘Hello mom, did you get the money I’ve sent for your meds?/yes! I want to see you, beta. come home!/ I wish I could mom. I have to get the project done by this month. so I won’t be able to. Don’t worry I’ll send money for you in time./ ….’sigh’… ‘

These are not dialogues quoted from movies, these are some excerpts from the real world. When people get so busy shoving their asses to make a better life, better self, and secure future, they almost forget the ethics of being social and humane morals. The role of a person as someone’s friend, son/daughter, husband/wife, loved one, etc has been compromised to a greater extent. The tragedy does not only lie in the fact that human relations have deteriorated immensely in this transit but also in the fact that people don’t realize being deviated from their principles and from whom they used to be until it is too late. The urge for material possession should not dominate the subtle human emotions. We should always be aware of our responsibilities as a part of the society and the balance among different elements of ‘life and matter’. Because Life is precious but Relations are priceless!!