The Circle

… an insight to define one’s warmth from his comfort

Ever since we were introduced to the definition of a circle as the locus of all points at a constant distance from an origin, we have come to know that we are actually surrounded by numerous such circles. If you are sitting on your study table, look around; the dial of your watch, the Sellotape, the opening of your pen cap, the screw heads of your table, or if you’re in kitchen; the bottom of the pan, cap of the bottle, the plates, cups, the strainer etc.; All are the form of a circle. Look up the sky, you see the circular moon, the sun, or the earth which itself is a huge circle on which we rest. The circles appear in numerous ways around us, may it be tiny or large, but the mere fact that it has an existence in our lives cannot be denied.

Every being has his own way of living, means of living, tastes of living, principles of living, ethics of living or any ‘dash’ of living,  but the sole purpose of any living is to survive, and strive for his better self than yesterday, sustaining the basic elements of ‘life and matter’, soliciting some warmth, and rendering the same to others. Although comfort has never been the ideal place to endeavour for higher grounds of morale and abilities, warmth has imparted a soothing and reconciling reverberation to the human spirit. Both being different in meaning, we seem to comfort ourselves, maybe with material possessions or eternal content, but were never destined to settle there, for ‘A comfort zone is a beautiful place but nothing grows there #sourceInternet’; whereas we seek to falter (for a little longer ) under the blue dome of warmth; the warmth in the disguise of the cosiness that resembles that of our homies, the zeal that we feel when we meet different faces yet speak the same tongue, maybe the familiar one or the ditto, a song or even a rhyme that unite our mind and heart, a little bit of appreciation and sheer respect that you earn for the set of principles you aspire or a whole lot of other niceties that give you an ethereal sensation of being your highest self. That’s where you draw your circle; the circle that encompasses your warmth; the circle that defines the person you are, your likes-dislikes, happiness-sadness, acceptance-denial, choices-decisions, priorities-options etc. Being centered, you either tend to draw it close or expand a bit more, but on an average choose to keep it a constant expanse. 

The underlying fact that could not be reprimanded is that the warmth I feel within my circle might not mellow some others’ spirit and vice versa. In our journey of transient nuances, we happen to meet new people, conquer new territories, acquire new abilities and accordingly, we welcome new editions to our selves. The circle, almost perennial, confines us at all times. It works totally fine till you sense the tiniest perception of you being out skirted from your own circle, maybe by some external factors or by sudden cognitive outbreaks: An overall phenomenon termed as ‘intersection of the circles’. Every living element encircled by his circles has the tendency to influence and thus intersect our circles of warmth. The vulnerability of such intersections ranges from very frequent to very long. Sometimes you do it smooth and swift, aligning to a new position, cause you share more or less a common span of warmth within your circle that gets blended into others. But sometimes you find it difficult to settle offset, or to blend. In this transit, you feel ‘…disturbed’, ‘…need to find peace’, ‘…need a break’, ‘…why me…?’, ‘…conflict of interest..’ and ask all sort of self-awakening questions and statements, the answers to which are like a mirage. The sooner you catch the mirage, the swifter your transition gets, and the better you feel. The intersection, transition, and thus the loop converge to a prime element of evolution: CHANGE. Nature changes as spring advances to autumn and then to winter, human body changes from an infant to adult, living beings change from primitive to adaptive, and thus change is the only constant. Your circle always stays intact to you, seems constant but it has been through a rigorous process of incurring changes and alignments, sometimes adamant to give in or give out. After all, you must find the warmth where you fit in and feel cosy.

With this, I leave the readers to think about their circles, what defines them and try to interpret the intersection of circles with the surrounding elements of ‘life and matter’. Whenever you get into a conflict of interest, minds, opinions or of power, try to understand the role your circle plays, and the significance that change has borne, may it be universal or imposed. It is the individual himself who is centered, and responsible for how deep he is rooted in his circle or how adaptive he can be towards (change) settling offset (or alignment). I have found mine, but the prodigy still continues; as it is equally important to realise when to hold my expanse tight and when to embrace the change.





S-O-C-I-A-L; One of the most bizarre words in the corporate world today.

  • ‘I’ll be busy this afternoon, let’s have the lunch on some other day.’
  • ‘I am really sorry, I was so screwed up in my hectic schedule that your birthday totally skipped my mind’
  • ‘ *The called subscriber is busy, please call after some time* ‘
  • ‘ Send the driver to pick up the kids. I have a meeting to catch up’
  • ‘ This is the only day I get an off in a week, please don’t bother me’
  • ‘Don’t be such ignorant honey! It’s your brother’s marriage. Give some decisions, some effort to it.- Don’t be silly dear. he is a grown up now, he can decide what color of the dress he wants, what should be the menu and all. In fact, I have bigger issues to settle this week in the office. ‘
  • ‘Hello mom, did you get the money I’ve sent for your meds?/yes! I want to see you, beta. come home!/ I wish I could mom. I have to get the project done by this month. so I won’t be able to. Don’t worry I’ll send money for you in time./ ….’sigh’… ‘

These are not dialogues quoted from movies, these are some excerpts from the real world. When people get so busy shoving their asses to make a better life, better self, and secure future, they almost forget the ethics of being social and humane morals. The role of a person as someone’s friend, son/daughter, husband/wife, loved one, etc has been compromised to a greater extent. The tragedy does not only lie in the fact that human relations have deteriorated immensely in this transit but also in the fact that people don’t realize being deviated from their principles and from whom they used to be until it is too late. The urge for material possession should not dominate the subtle human emotions. We should always be aware of our responsibilities as a part of the society and the balance among different elements of ‘life and matter’. Because Life is precious but Relations are priceless!!

Wrapped in a day, Agra Under 1500

“And worse I may be yet: the worst is not so long as we can say ‘This is the worst.” – William Shakespeare (from King Lear)

Being a student what could be the worst time for you(?) than being broke so bad that your hostel dues is due for 10 days, and you stitch your shoe sole till you can afford for a new pair. I guess you can feel me folks!

But the best outcome it has given to me is the ability to focus on my surviving skills, bringing the most out of what I have, and a much-needed inspiration and confidence to pen down on a blog post. Hence this being my first blog post.

I am starting off the blog with the notion that you are fond of having crisp, spicy and masala-dar bites of snacks like chips, pakodhe, fries and so on till the taste buds say ‘Done!’. Ofcourse Why not? Dawned upon this very irony, while writing my post, I will be crisp i.e. to the point, spicy i.e. speaking of the hard truth, and of course sprinkling off some masala to it, cause some drama is always expected in a story-telling, right!?

Disclaimer: The detailed significance and history of the monuments and places could be found in any google search results, so I left this on the reader’s part.

How to reach:

The cheapest way to reach there, when you are in a budget, is of course by train. The railway connectivity to Agra is very good from Delhi and other parts of India, which provides a variety of trains at very frequent timings a day. Bookings can be done as late as a day beforehand. Trust me, we planned this trip on the afternoon of 29th Sep and got confirmation for the next day at 14.20 from Delhi.

Where to stay:

There are numerous number of hotel and lodges in and around Taj Mahal ranging from a rate of 300 per person to the luxurious Oberoi Hotel. If you can afford some effort to roam around, I bet you won’t regret. We stayed in a hotel at Baluganj (Near Baluganj Petrol Pump) that costed Rs.750 for a night.

#Note1: Right after reaching Agra (bus stand or railway station), tempo drivers will approach you with great generosity and promises to get the cheapest hotel in the whole Agra. They will take you(read forcefully take you) to a hotel of their known which might not serve the very purpose of being in a budget.

#Remedy to Note1: Do a rough background check on hotel prices near Taj, take any name and ask your driver to go there only. If he over smarts you and urges still, don’t exchange much words and avoid him instantly. Caution: They are very cunning and good with words!

What to eat:

The restaurants there charge a bit more as compared to the usual prices we are accustomed to. One obvious reason could be the fact that almost everyone around is a tourist from nearby or far abroad. Though it is a personal choice of what to eat, I would suggest to eat light(Veg.) and stay healthy while traveling. Stay hydrated all the time. Don’t drink water from any other source than mineral water bottles or proper faucet.

Places to visit: The list of places to visit in Agra is exclusively available on the internet. Out of them, I picked the following ones taking into consideration the budget and time constraints(personal constraint). It is good if you book a tempo for a day( Rs300-350 not more than that) if you want to avoid hustle under the scorching heat.

1. The Taj Mahal:

It was all in texts and videos of how marvelous the Taj is until I stepped in the premises and saw it by myself, I was literally awestruck by its sheer beauty. From a certain position around the great structure, I could see the half-moon in the sky shining on the backdrop of the white marvel. One priceless sight it was!! ( Click here for viewing in higher resolution )



  1. Visit early! (Around 6-6.30)Otherwise, once the crowd starts flooding in, you will have to make great efforts to take suitable positions to click your ‘Dp wala’ picture.
  2. Keep a bottle of water with you. There are faucets inside where you can fill in once they are emptied.

Don’ts :

  1. NOT ALLOWED stuff- Tripod Stand(Yes, you hear me!! No tripod) Snacks, Heavy backpacks, Books.
  2. Don’t get tempted by the shopkeepers near the gates of Taj. Once you enter, they keep you busy in talking while pocket cutters do their part.
  3. Don’t keep your bags in any shops even if they guarantee its safety. Rather Use the cloakroom inside Taj(On west and east gates only) Rs 10/bag or leave it in the hotel if you haven’t checked out.
  4. No need to buy shoe covers which the sellers try to sell to you. Inside the Taj, there is a free service for keeping your shoes safe.
  5. Don’t let any DSLR person click your picture just out of the blues. They will charge afterward.

#Note2: Once you book a tempo for the day, the driver will try to command over you time to time by questioning about when will you leave?, which mode are you planning to take while leaving?, where do you want to eat? Etc.

#Meaning to Note2: By all those questions, he means to take you to the places which are supposed to cost you more money than actual. Cause he has a commission to receive from each such customer he brings in. So never lose command over the driver!

Photography suggests:

  • The place gets too crowded, so you have to make your compositions instantly.
  • Visiting early you can get a better picture of the moon shining on the backdrop of the white dome.

2. The Agra Fort:

The next stop is Agra Fort, which is 2 km away from the Taj. This place is a genius piece of creation of the Mughal emperor Akbar. The fort is a huge area to explore and click pictures of your choice. (Click here for viewing in higher resolution)

Agra Fort Panaroma 2_ab

Photography suggests:

  • You can capture very good Architectural pictures and perspectives.
  • Create abstract pictures with lines. Cause the symmetry is not so strictly maintained in the fort.
  • The Taj Mahal can be seen from the fort.
  • By the time you visit Agra Fort, the sun might have shone like hell. Hence you adjust your camera settings and the subjects as well.

3. The baby Taj Mahal/ Tomb of I’timād-ud-Daulah:

It was built earlier to the Taj Mahal for the grandfather of Mamtaj Mahal. It’s relatively calm, smaller in area and after roaming in the hustle of the previous, you definitely want to grab your breath! (Click here for viewing in higher resolution)


Apart from these three spots, there are a few more gardens and parks, which we didn’t visit due to time constraints. But some significant places that I’ve put in my bucket list for the next time are Fatehpur Sikri, Tomb of Akbar, Sunset from Mehtab Bagh. (A reference article for the readers as to why visit Mehtab Bagh:

Things you should not miss:

1. A walk through Sadar bazaar: To experience the city life a bit close, I suggest you go for a walk in Sadar Bazar in the evening. You can see numerous shops of leather shoes, chappals, and jackets for both men and women. Since I am not a shopaholic person, you want the least advice from me. Still, to add to your knowledge, the Agra-leader is quite famous, so if you have any knowledge of checking the genuineness of a leather product, then you are at the right place!
Also visit this chat wali Gali there to taste a few local cuisine and chats.

2. Petha of Agra: The petha is a famous sweet of Agra. You will find a variety of shops where you’ll find different flavors of this sweet. Since I’ve tasted petha in earlier times, I didn’t try this time.

3. Feed the squirrel: Yes, you hear me! The squirrels of Agra fort are extremely friendly. Take some crumbs of biscuit in hand and move forward. They make no hesitation in jumping on your hand. The guards at the gates don’t allow snacks inside though, you have to make some cunning moves. Good Luck!!


4. A visit to Sheroes Hangout: I bet a visit to this place will beg you an extra feather to your trip. It is a restaurant run by the Acid Attack Survivors. They say ‘Eat good, Do good and Pay what you wish’ and yes literally they have no price tags on their menu. You give whatever you wish! The masala chai that they offer is the best one I’ve tasted since my stay in North India.

Apart from this, the people I’ve met there are the best souls ever. It is their vibe of accepting the life with such determination and heroism that they are not just a few people, they are an inspiration to many!

All the harry potter fans, Watch this!


Photography suggests:

  • The petha shops along with the Sadar Bazar road would be a great storytelling picture, There is a lot of happening going in and around.

Summary of the trip:

  1. Go through the govt. website of Uttar Pradesh tourism or for actual facts and figures.
  2. You can book all your tickets of the monuments (Monuments under ASI) through You’ll get discounts on each booking! (Bonus Tip for those who are in a budget.)
  3. Whether it is Agra or any other place that you wish to visit, always do a homework of what that place has to offer, what hatke activities you can do etc. etc.
  1. Meena Bazar is not a Bazar and Mughal garden is not a garden – we get to know this fact only after the driver dropped us there. While telling his package for a day as ‘Taj Mahal, Agra Fort, Mughal garden and Meena bazar’ for 450, he makes a marvel out of it. Hence a homework is a must on your part. [Out of which we added The baby Taj Mahal and cut down the price to 350]
  1. Surf for blog posts of different people. That way you get to know different perspectives from different people and have the liberty to choose the favorite ones. Don’t confine yourself only to the top search results that Google offers.


Sometimes life pushes you to the extreme, but don’t just quit like that! You make every possible effort to survive and to strive to fulfil the thirst of contentment. The lessons thus learnt are the best ones ever!

The Journey Begins

Greetings to everyone!

I am Abhigyan, the simple Indian guy who hustles in the crowd to grab the big sale of BUY ONE GET ONE FREE, who finds ways of getting coupons for online shopping sites or makes multiple google accounts to avail the benefits of a new customer, who slides through passengers to get overlooked by the conductor in bus, who has the inherent art of giving proxy for any pseudo-reason he was provided with, who sneaks to get past in a queue and never backs adopting every cunning moves to do it and so on.

And what makes me who I am apart from being a simple Indian guy, is the fact that I am the one who hustles for the big sale but pays double the amount of something which is on half the price in xyz shopping site, Who checks the price tags? It’s a Big sale af: BUY ONE GET ONE FREE. I am the one who collects all the coupons one can possibly collect but my cart items always stay out of stock. Aren’t I the unique Indian too!? I am the one who gets caught for the only proxy I have given in my whole lifetime. I guess someone should have wished me luck. Sheh! I am the one who tries to get past in a queue but ends up waiting double the time normally required. Okay! I’m not cunning tho. Well, the balance is not always on the odds account, I do experience a lot of evens. Like the time when I was able to get the last ticket of the last bus to home, that too after the other passenger canceled his. Or maybe the time when the postmaster recorded 2 gms less for my parcel, not by mistake but on his own accord and saved me 30 rupees. Or maybe the time when I left my camera on a bus to Rishikesh and recovered it on the next day.

I believe such good and bad fortunes are a part and parcel of our lives. Someone might have experienced them more often, some might have just overlooked or someone might have never cared to look, but the mere presence of such errands in our day to day lives can’t be reprimanded. The advent of this blog is also some of this sort. Since the time I started noticing the patterns and dots in life, I felt so fascinated and amazed by the random yet so symmetric facet of these events. I felt thrilled while listening to people who cared to share their story of plight or of fortune. The insight so developed helped me in myriads of ways in subsequent times. Keeping this motive in mind, I intend to share my stories too, delivering the best and most practical insight I can, to make the little span of my life a worth to others. This blog will be aiming to provide travel stories, photo blogs, and some untold stories which bear insightful significance to ‘life and matter’.

With this, I wish my readers a happy reading ahead!