The Journey Begins

Greetings to everyone!

I am Abhigyan, the simple Indian guy who hustles in the crowd to grab the big sale of BUY ONE GET ONE FREE, who finds ways of getting coupons for online shopping sites or makes multiple google accounts to avail the benefits of a new customer, who slides through passengers to get overlooked by the conductor in bus, who has the inherent art of giving proxy for any pseudo-reason he was provided with, who sneaks to get past in a queue and never backs adopting every cunning moves to do it and so on.

And what makes me who I am apart from being a simple Indian guy, is the fact that I am the one who hustles for the big sale but pays double the amount of something which is on half the price in xyz shopping site, Who checks the price tags? It’s a Big sale af: BUY ONE GET ONE FREE. I am the one who collects all the coupons one can possibly collect but my cart items always stay out of stock. Aren’t I the unique Indian too!? I am the one who gets caught for the only proxy I have given in my whole lifetime. I guess someone should have wished me luck. Sheh! I am the one who tries to get past in a queue but ends up waiting double the time normally required. Okay! I’m not cunning tho. Well, the balance is not always on the odds account, I do experience a lot of evens. Like the time when I was able to get the last ticket of the last bus to home, that too after the other passenger canceled his. Or maybe the time when the postmaster recorded 2 gms less for my parcel, not by mistake but on his own accord and saved me 30 rupees. Or maybe the time when I left my camera on a bus to Rishikesh and recovered it on the next day.

I believe such good and bad fortunes are a part and parcel of our lives. Someone might have experienced them more often, some might have just overlooked or someone might have never cared to look, but the mere presence of such errands in our day to day lives can’t be reprimanded. The advent of this blog is also some of this sort. Since the time I started noticing the patterns and dots in life, I felt so fascinated and amazed by the random yet so symmetric facet of these events. I felt thrilled while listening to people who cared to share their story of plight or of fortune. The insight so developed helped me in myriads of ways in subsequent times. Keeping this motive in mind, I intend to share my stories too, delivering the best and most practical insight I can, to make the little span of my life a worth to others. This blog will be aiming to provide travel stories, photo blogs, and some untold stories which bear insightful significance to ‘life and matter’.

With this, I wish my readers a happy reading ahead!


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